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Sevin Poultry Dust


If your poultry is performing poorly due to lice, mites, ticks, or flea infestations, then Sevin Poultry Dust is your must-have insecticide. This extensive insecticide kills pests fast upon contact and ingestion action.



Sevin poultry dust is a strong insecticide effective in the extermination of mites, ticks, lice, and fleas on poultry.

Active Ingredient

Carbaryl 7.5%

How Does Carbaryl 7.5% Work?

Carbaryl interrupts the normal functioning of a pests’ central nervous system resulting in overstimulation and ultimate insects’ death. It causes toxicity within an insects’ body by contact and ingestion action.

Target Pests

  • Fleas
  • Mites
  • Ticks
  • Lice

Product Packaging

  • 200gm containers

What is the Correct Sevin Poultry Dosage?

  • Hen House– Apply the insecticide right onto the walls, corners, floors, roofs, window seals, and the nesting area.
  • Poultry– Carefully sprinkle the insecticide onto the bird right from the container. Sprinkle again if the pests re-appear.
  • Clefts and openings- Apply at the rate of 100gms per 14.5 square feet.

How Does Sevin Poultry Dust Work?

Carbaryl hinders the normal functioning of a pests’ central nervous system. This results in overstimulation which hinders the pests’ breathing, translating to its’ death.

A pest must, therefore, get in contact with carbaryl for this insecticide to work. Applying Sevin Poultry directly onto places where pests harbor as anthills could potentially exterminate an entire insect colony.

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