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Feminine Sanitary- White (18 Ltrs)

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Feminine Sanitary- White (18 Ltrs)

The nature of your washrooms reflects what your business is communicating to its’ customers. Unlike an unhygienic washroom, a pristine toilet positively affects your customers’ emotions making them feel safe in a pleasing environment. This increases sales and the number of return visits to your business.

Providing feminine sanitary bins for proper sanitary waste disposal makes your female clients/staff feel cherished, cared for, and respected. Sanitary bins prevent unnecessary toilet blockages and leaks that pose a big health risk and incur extra fixing costs.

We are the experts in sanitary hygiene. Providing you with a huge variety of sanitary bins and feminine hygiene products to ensure your female associates have a pleasant washroom time. Contact us today to discuss the best waste disposal options for your business.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Made out of plastic material (ABC).
  • White-colored
  • 18Ltrs. Capacity
  • Easy to remove the top cover for convenient cleaning.
  • Easy to arrange in stacks (stackable) for simple transportation.
  • Has a built-in foot operating system.
  • Very efficient, comfortable, and easy to use.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Comes integrated with antibacterial technology for safe usage.

Do I Require Sanitary Bins for my Business?

Flashing used hygiene waste like sanitary towels is a big health risk and property destruction. Additionally, overflowing sanitary bins will associate your business with dread and disgust which results in a bad reputation and customer evasion.

  • Sanitary Bins for your Business is a Law- Every business owner must protect and keep his/her workers and customers safe. He/she must observe sanitary hygiene standards for welfare and guaranteed safety for all.


  • Sanitary Bins for Confidential Purposes- Providing a secure, private, and hygienic way of disposing of sanitary waste is very necessary for your business. Your female partners will have increased morale and be more confident at an individual level, thus better results.


  • Sanitary Bins for a Professional Reputation– You cannot ignore hygienic-sanitary waste disposal and expect your business to have a good reputation. Word spreads fast. You can imagine how much damage unpleasant smells, filthy washrooms, overflowing bins, and flooding toilets can do to your business. Providing sanitary bins for proper sanitary waste disposal conveys that you care and value your female visitors as well as associates.


  • Sanitary Bins Prevent Unnecessary Drainage Costs- A lack of sanitary bins in your washrooms invites its’ users to flush sanitary pads and tampons down the toilet. And so do over-flowing bins. Cotton neither decomposes nor breaks down easily while in water. This means that your toilet will soon clog and block and you will have to pay a plumber to fix the problem.


What are the Benefits of Using Sanitary Bins? 

  • Minimal contact with its user since has a built-in foot operating system.
  • Has a big collection of up to 18ltrs.
  • Has an intact plastic flap that keeps sanitary waste out of its’ users’ sight.
  • A smooth finishing on its’ surface for convenient cleaning.
  • Has firm levers and thus produces no disturbing sounds.
  • Made slim enough to fit even in small toilet cubicles.
  • Compact cover and basket layers that mask odors through scented liners.

Appropriate Places to Use Sanitary Bins?

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Hospitals and nursing homes.
  • Restaurants and hotels.
  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Camping sites
  • Factories and other companies.
  • Residential and Commercial buildings.
  • Public toilets.

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