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Dragnet ft

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It is a highly effective termiticide that provides long residual control of termite damage and infestations.



It is a highly effective termiticide that provides long residual control of termite damage and infestations.

Active Ingredient


Permethrin Mode of Action

Permethrin disrupts the nerve cell membrane to hinder the functioning of the sodium channel current. It causes overexcitement of the nervous system, paralysis, and eventual insect death.

Technical Details

  • It has a long residual action against termites
  • It has a special repellency property that gives strong protection against termite problems.

Features and Specifications

  • It has a fast knock-down action and long residual action
  • Only a small application is needed for highly efficient results.

Target Pests

  • Termites
  • Ants
  • Carpenter bees and ants
  • House borers
  • Bamboo powder post beetle.

Target Areas

  • Pre-construction treatment
  • Concrete slab during  and after construction
  • Mud floor house during and after construction.
  • Lawns and garden areas
  • Posts, poles, and timber.

Dragnet ft Packaging


Dragnet ft Rate of Application

During the construction period, the concrete slab should be treated with a solution of ½ a liter of dragnet ft carefully mixed into 40 liters of water. Ensure you stir vigorously to blend.  Every liter of this solution should be applied to one M2 under the slab, porches, and entrance areas. The outside of the foundation wall and other target areas should be treated to a depth of 30 cm with 1Lt./M2.

Note: The product should only be used as per the directions on its labeling.

Why Should You Use Dragnet ft?

  • It is powerfully effective in termite control, thus protecting the property from expensive structural damages.
  • It has a long residual effect that guarantees long-term protection from pest problems.
  • A low application rate is enough for significant results.
  • It has a fast knock-down action.
  • It has a mild odor and mild irritation.


Dragnet ft is the best treatment that gives protection against termite damage and infestations. It has a long residue effect and a unique repellency property for protection against pests. It should be applied for long-term and highly efficient results as a surface injection or gravity flow to concrete slabs, mud floors, posts, fencing poles, gardens, timber, and lawns.

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