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Domain 25% EC  is a powerful, systemic broad-spectrum fungicide excellent in preventive and curative actions against diseases on ornamentals and edible crops.


Active Ingredients

Difenoconazole 250 g/L


Mode of Action 

Difenoconazole in Domain interferes with fungal growth by impeding the biosynthesis of cell membranes.


Domain Rate of Application

Apply 0.5-0.75 ml per liter of water


Recommended  Application Technique

Apply as a direct spray, and ensure that adequate coverage of the crop should be achieved for best results.


Application Timing

It is necessary to apply Domain immediately when the first symptoms are observed at Apply at the first symptoms observed at 10-day intervals.

Target diseases

  • Powdery mildew
  • Rust
  •  Anthracnose
  • Ascochyta leaf spot
  • Angular leaf spot


Target Crops

  • Roses
  • Runner beans
  •  Common beans
  •  French beans

Package Size

Usually packed in 100 ml and  1 L sizes

Amazing Benefits of using Domain 25%EC


  • Non-phototoxic when used as recommended
  • Compatible with most used fungicides and fertilizers
  • Can be used in edible crops and ornamentals
  • Ready and easy to use when mixed
  • Effective in controlling  and curing a broad spectrum of fungal  diseases
  • Easily available in the market.

Reasons  why it’s important to buy Domain from Rafiki Pest Control shop

  • We are a licensed Pest Control Store, and we care about your comfortable living
  • Our licensed experts are precise and prepared to attend to your fumigation service needs.
  • We deliver our products to your doorstep.
  • We guarantee genuine and authentic Domain 25% EC that we sell to our clients.
  • We give detailed and clear instructions on how to use this fungicide for best results.

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1 litre, 100ml


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