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Combat Bait Station

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Exterminating rodent infestations is more productive, faster, and economical with this well-made tamper-proof Combat Bait Station that allows easy bait access for the rodents.


  • A tamper-resistant, rat-sized bait station that gives you value for your money.
  • Very essential for use in cost-sensitive accounts.
  • Easy to lock and open with the provided Tomcat’s Universal Key.
  • It is available in brown (product code: TPLOOO268).

Combat Bait Station Packaging

Available as a five-pack.


Bait stations, Rodent Control.

Where To Use Combat Bait Station?

The combat Bait station is very efficient for controlling Rodent infestations both indoors and outdoors of:

  • Commercial and Residential premises
  • Education Institutions
  • Agricultural and poultry farms
  • Nursing homes and hospitals
  • Hotels and Restaurants

How To Use Combat Bait Station?

Before positioning any bait station, a keen inspection of the premises should be done to spot the nature, type, and extent of the infestation. While inspecting, note the areas with more rodent activities.

  • Wear protective gears before handling the bait station
  • Unlock the station with the provided key and carefully fix the bait in the provided metal rod. Lock the station and place it in the infected area 10-30 feet apart. Consider placing the baits in rodent pathways, or near holes where they may have made shelter.
  • Keep monitoring the station to see any trapped rodents or notice the eaten bait. Always ensure to replace any eaten block baits for maximum rodent extermination.

Rodents prefer dark places. Avoid placing the station in an open or brightly lit area.

What are the Benefits of Using Combat Bait Station?

  • Economic and reasonably priced.
  • Safe for use at home and public places as it protects the poisonous bait from access by pets, children, and pets.
  • It is sturdy, tamper-proof, and durable to last for a long time.
  • It can withstand all weather effects.
  • Entrance/Exit holes are easily accessible to the rodent pest.
  • Keeps the rodent bait safe from moisture, weather, and dirt.

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