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Aluminium Phosphide

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It is a highly effective fumigant applied in the successful control of pests, rodents, and moles.



It is a highly effective fumigant applied in the successful control of pests, rodents, and moles.


Aluminum Phosphide is a powerfully efficient fumigant, rodenticide as well as insecticide. It is applied to control rodents and storage pests both indoors and outdoors. Fumigating a storage silo using Aluminum phosphide before storing foods helps in the protection of the stored grains. It is a widely recognized insect/pest treatment thanks to its almost-perfect attributes of being lethal to all insect types, highly effective, tampers not with food quality, and not depositing harmful chemicals on stored foods.

How does Aluminum Phosphide kill pests?

Aluminum phosphide is a fumigant, insecticide, and strong rodenticide. When used in rodent’; extermination, the highly toxic aluminum phosphide pellets/tablets are mixed with food and set in the rodent-infested areas. Once consumed, the acid present in the rodents’ digestive system reacts with the phosphide to release a very poisonous phosphine gas that causes the rodent’s paralysis and eventual death.

As a fumigant, Aluminum Phosphide is popular in effectively treating structures like go-downs, ships, and airplanes. The facility to be treated is sealed carefully to make it gastight to contain and concentrate the phosphine fumes to give the best fumigation results. Fumigants can also be used directly on rodent tunnels.

Technical Details

  • It reacts with water and stomach acids to produce a dangerous phosphine gas that eventually kills pests and rodents.
  • It is very toxic. The phosphine gas released is highly flammable upon contact with air.
  • Its’ pellets have additional chemicals that produce ammonia. Ammonia consequently minimizes the possibility of impetuous explosion of the gas.

Features and Specifications

  • It is a dark gray, yellow, crystalline solid.
  • These pellets/tablets must be stored safely. Ensure no contact with moisture as this causes it to generate the highly toxic phosphine gas that can be fatal to humans.
  • Breathing this product can cause nose, throat, and lung irritation. Other effects include coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Too much exposure results in lung, kidney, and liver damage.

Target Pests

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Mole
  • Storage pests
  • It is applied as a fumigant.

What are The Benefits of Using Aluminum Phosphide for Pest Control? 

  • It has various uses as a rodenticide, fumigant, and insecticide for effective outdoor and indoor pest control.
  • It has proven very effective in the control of common storage pests.
  • It kills rodents such as rats, moles, and mice fast.
  • It is used as a fumigant in structures like grain silos and aircraft.

Note that: Aluminum Phosphide must be handled with great care as it is lethal to pests and humans. We insist that all contact of the product with moisture must be avoided for safety reasons.

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