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Actellic Gold Dust

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The best insecticide for use in post-harvest for controlling and keeping away storage pests in grains.



Get maximum protection for your grains from a massive variety of storage pests, including grain weevils, lesser grain beetles, larger grain beetles, and red flour beetles, among others. Actellic Gold Dust is a ready-to-apply dust insecticide that keeps grains protected for long periods thanks to its ability to remain persistent on grains.  Treat the grains directly, and they will be ready for human consumption in a period of 14days.


The best insecticide for use in post-harvest for controlling and keeping away storage pests in grains.

Active Ingredients

  • 16g ai/kg Pirimiphos-methyl
  • 3.6g ai/kg Thiamethoxam

Mode of Action

Pirimiphos-methyl is quickly absorbed through an insect’s cuticle and interrupts the nerve functioning by inhibiting acetylcholinesterase.

Thiamethoxam works by hindering the nicotic acetylcholine receptor of the insect’s nervous system.

Target Pests

  • Grain weevils
  • Larger Grain Borers (LGB)
  • Red floor beetle
  • Lesser grain borer

Main Crops


Actellic Gold Formulation

Dusting Powder

Actellic Gold Registration

PCPB (CR) 1149


  • 2kg
  • 1kg
  • 500gm
  • 200gm
  • 100gm
  • 50gm

The Correct Application Rate of Actellic Gold Dust

Actellic gold Dust is designed to treat newly harvested grains before they can be stored.

Every 25g of Actellic Gold is to be applied to each 45kg of grains. For best results, ensure the grains are dried thoroughly before applying any treatment.

Note that the treated grains are ready for human consumption after a period of 2weeks (14days)

Benefits of Using Actellic Gold Dust

  • A dust insecticide that protects grains from a wide range of storage pests, including months, mites, grain borers, weevils, and beetles.
  • Exterminates pest infestations and has long residual effects to protect grains from chances of future re-infestations.
  • Also efficient under tropic, humid conditions.
  • It is persistent on grains and inert surfaces for many months.
  • It is suitable for application directly on the grains.

Note: Actellic Gold Dust is harmful to aquatic life and causes long-term adverse effects on the aquatic environment.

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