Termites & Ants Solution

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  • Actellic 25EC

    Actellic 25EC

    KSh1,800KSh6,000 Select options
  • Actellic 300CS

    Actellic 300CS (833ml)

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  • confidor

    Confidor WG 70 (15g)

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  • dragnet

    Dragnet Ft

    KSh1,500KSh7,000 Select options
  • Emerald

    Emerald 200SC

    KSh1,500KSh7,500 Select options
  • fendona

    Fendona 60 SC

    KSh3,800KSh8,500 Select options
  • gladiator

    Gladiator 4TC

    KSh1,500KSh7,200 Select options
  • insecticide-chalk-kiriko

    Insecticide Chalk (Kiriko)

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  • insecticide-chalk-twin-luck

    Insecticide Chalk (twin luck)

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  • kungu-nil (1)

    Kungu Nil 200 SL

    KSh500KSh7,500 Select options
  • mchwatox-350sc

    Mchwatox 350SC

    KSh2,800KSh29,000 Select options
  • metro

    Metro 200SC

    KSh2,000KSh3,500 Select options
  • premise-200sc

    Premise 200 SC

    KSh2,800KSh28,800 Select options
  • sevin-dudu-dust

    Sevin Dudu Dust

    KSh700KSh1,300 Select options
  • stop-verman-powder

    Stop! Vermin Powder

    KSh1,000KSh1,500 Select options
  • termidor-96-sc

    Termidor 96 SC

    KSh8,800KSh28,000 Select options