Housefly Solution

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  • Actellic 25EC

    Actellic 25EC

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  • Actellic 300CS

    Actellic 300CS (833ml)

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  • Actellic 50EC

    Actellic 50EC (1ltr)

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  • Agita-10WG-fly-bait (1)

    Agita 10WG Fly Bait

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  • Agita-1gb-fly-bait

    Agita 1GB Fly Bait

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  • bactrocera-block (1)


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  • fly-catcher

    Fly Catcher

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  • icon-10cs

    Icon 10CS

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  • k-othrine-EC-15

    K-Othrine EC15

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  • mos-n-roach


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  • pest-killer

    Pest Killer (40W)

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