Foggers & Sprayers

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  • electric-ulv-fogger

    Electric ULV Fogger(4.5ltrs)

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  • engine-sprayer

    Engine Sprayer AC767 (4 Stroke)

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  • Farmate-Knapsack-Sprayer

    Farmate Knapsack Sprayer

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  • Farmguard Sprayer

    Farmguard Sprayer

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  • fog-smoke-machine(1)

    Fog Smoke Machine

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  • Greenberg Gold 15L Motorized Pump (AM EO1)

    Greenberg Gold 15L Motorized Pump (AM EO1)

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  • GreenBerg Knapsack Sprayer

    GreenBerg Knapsack Sprayer

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  • greenlife-battery-sprayer

    Greenlife Star Battery Sprayer (2 in 1) 16L

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  • Jacto-XP-16ltrs-Sprayer

    Jacto XP 16ltrs Sprayer

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  • mettallic-sprayer

    Mettalic Sprayer Longray SP8A

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  • mist-blower-duster-3WF-3A-14ltr

    Mist Blower/Duster 3WF-3A (14ltr)

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  • nano-mist-sprayer-30ml-transparent-lid

    Nano Mist Sprayer (30ml Transparent Lid)

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  • Nano-Spray-Gun-Corded (280ml)

    Nano Spray Gun Corded (280ml)

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  • Nano-spray-cordless(800ml)


    KSh7,000 Add to cart
  • Plastic-Sprayer-Bottle

    Plastic Sprayer Bottle

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  • power-knapsack-sprayer-AC767-2 stroke

    Power Knapsack Sprayer AC767(2stroke)

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